Hello DOJ, FTC, FCC, USA Congress,

I Busted Google and Microsoft using their clandestine SPY/Crimes operations in Indonesia to illegally spy on and illegally break into any computer that uses Google or Microsoft products.

They can also break-in the the Windows and Android operating system of any person in the world.I bet they are illegally spying on the DOJ, and read all your emails and content.You are only safe if you use Apple devices and software.If you use an Apple computer and the Chrome browser, then Google can spy on you.

How do I know, because I busted them doing it.

I am a first hand witness with direct evidence of their felony crimes.When the CEO of Microsoft found out about my evidence, they locked my Outlook account, and illegally took all the emails I have sent to the DOJ for the last six years. My email used was TomForrest@HTPcompany.com Please check your computers and you will find all my emails, unless Google and Microsoft has already deleted them from your DOJ computers.

The CEO's of Google and Microsoft use their office in Indonesia to commit these heinous felony crimes, because the FBI cannot investigate crimes in Indonesia without the permission of the corrupt Indonesian government.

Google and Microsoft pay off the Indonesian government for protection.

No anti-virus software, not Norton or McAfee, etc., can detect these illegal break-ins.Because they access your computer via their software products and operating systems.

Google and Microsoft did this to me, my workers, my daughter, my friends, my sister, my brother, my parents, etc.I have indisputable evidence and screen screens that Google and Microsoft are desperately trying to find and delete.
I have hidden my windows computer with all the evidence, and now only use Apple devices.

Please phone me as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
Tom Forrest


Google and Microsoft Felony Crime Victim



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